Welcome to the portfolio of Sjoerd Grevelink. This portfolio is to give you an idea of what I have done profesionally in more debt than I can convey in my resume.

I am a game programmer that enjoys variety. Out of all the aspects of game programming I have the most experience with gameplay programming, yet will at least attempt to do whatever is needed. I have experience with various platforms, such as PC, Playstation® 2/3 and Xbox® 360.

Virtual Worlds & MMOs

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

All Points Bulletin is a third-person tactical shooter set in San Paro, where crime has taken over the city. Pitting criminals against enforcers in objective-based gameplay. It's customisation system is one of the game's foremost features, allowing players a big varriety of styles.

Club Galactik

Club Galactik is a flash-based MMO and virtual world for the Galactik Football cartoon and IP. It uses an in-house engine, which is not commercially available. In this MMO you make your own football hero, you can compete in matches, or play one of the other minigames.

Shipped Games

Fairytale Fights

Fairytale Fights is a hack-and-slash title for the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 based on the Unreal 3 Engine. This title is rated Mature(ESRB) / 16+ (PEGI). You play as one of four fairytale characters who lost their fame, your goal is to reclaim it.

EyeToy Play: PomPom Party

EyeToy Play: PomPom Party is a party game for the Playstation 2 EyeToy platform. The game is targeted at girls between years 10 and 15. The primary gameplay for this game is physically dancing using the pom-poms included, going for a cheerleader feel for the game. This game uses the EyeToy camera to track the pom-pom accesories. The pom-poms have two very explicit colors (pink and green) allowing them to be tracked by color. The game features a custom sound-track based on popular songs consisting of 25 tracks.


APB: Vendetta

As part of efforts to reach a broader audience I have worked on prototypes for APB: Vendetta. The target was a first-person arena-shooter where you play one of the various contacts in APB, each with their own arsonal and personality.

APB: Top-down experiment

As part of our effectors to reach a broader audience I did a proof-of-concept for a top-down version APB using existing assets. This was determined not be viable very early on.

Hero World

This demo and prototype was for Activision's (Guitar/Band/DJ) Hero franchise. An accessible virtual world with musical gameplay. Made in flash, based on the internal engine also used in Club Galactik, this demo featured a turn and music based face-off feature.

Puss in Boots

Based on the Fairytale Fights IP, this gameplay prototype was an attempt at getting 2D platforming gameplay in a 3D environment. The platforming too had a twist, in that it was based on roller-scating, rather than walking around.

Little Red Parachute

Based on the Fairytale Fights IP, this gameplay prototype focuses on free falling and vertical gameplay. Prototyped in Unreal Engine 3, with a unique camera and control system.

Fairytale Fights Spinoff

After completing Fairytale Fights I worked on a possible spinoff gameplay prototype. With a small team we made a prototyping framework for the Unreal Engine 3, and on top of that a third person platforming / action gameplay prototype.



Website focused around voice-based communication with a community section. In my spare time I handle administrative and development tasks for this site.

The League

The League was a raiding alliance in EverQuest 2 doing high-end content with people unable to do so in their current guilds. This alliance disolved when raids could no longer be filled and due to restrictions the leadership was not able to recruit more people. Content that we have done includes most of Kingdom of Sky and some of Echoes of Faydwer.


Website for ex-employees of the late Digital Equiment Company (DEC). I was asked to do this website in a sort of internship.

University Projects

Jumping Jack 2

For the 7th semester we had to do a practical project offered by an actual employer, with some friends I took on the challenge of making a game that incites players to move while playing. Our team chose to base a game around flying with wings.

GBA Game: Invader Zim

Create a small game demo for the gameboy advanced in limited time with a group of about 4 people was the assignment. In this time we created a simple single-level platform game based around Invader Zim.

PIC Remote Control Converter

The PIC Project was a small 1-man project to make anything on a little PIC processor. For this project I made an infrared-translater. This translator would wait for the signal from a remote control, convert it to the signal for the inteded receiver and send the converted signal.


Clash of Steel

Clash of Steel was an open source game project for a first person action game. Gathering ideas from games like Mech Warrior the idea was to make a shooter that has various types of combat available (mech, tank, infantry).

Connect 4

During a workshop at DigiPen I worked on my own Connect 4 game. The game is 2D without AI, but built from the ground up on DirectX. Part of the refactored game code is available sample but should be considered slightly outdated.