Website focused around voice-based communication with a community section. In my spare time I handle administrative and development tasks for this site.

The site was started as GameVoiceClub, but has since then undergone a name change to GameClubCentral. It started in 2000, and I joined around 2001 as a regular member. I joined the staff in 2004, doing some small add-ons for the site. Eventually I helped with and fully did site-transitions to different systems, first (I helped with a transition) from the ASP/phpbb site we had running to PHP-Nuke and later (fully did a transition) from PHP-Nuke to DragonFly CMS.

Today the site activity is low, but I still drop by to moderate the site.

Elements worked on

  • Site Add-Ons: Limited pieces of the site with a specific function.
  • CMS changes and upgrades.
  • Porting custom code between CMS-types.
  • Moderation / SPAM-bot mitigation.

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