EyeToy Play: PomPom Party is a party game for the Playstation 2 EyeToy platform. The game is targeted at girls between years 10 and 15. The primary gameplay for this game is physically dancing using the pom-poms included, going for a cheerleader feel for the game. This game uses the EyeToy camera to track the pom-pom accesories. The pom-poms have two very explicit colors (pink and green) allowing them to be tracked by color. The game features a custom sound-track based on popular songs consisting of 25 tracks.

This game was created with a small team, of up to 13 people internally. I worked on this game from concept/pre-production until ship.

Elements worked on

  • Base Gameplay & Elements - Worked closely with game designer to create most of the gameplay.
  • Audio/Gameplay syncing - Created a system to synchronize the gameplay to the audio tracks.
  • Visual Effects - Created some visual effects in-game.
  • Audio Recording - Gameplay related - Used the EyeToy camera to allow for audio recording.
  • Engine Fixes - Fixed a number of issues in the engine we were using.
  • Created the in-game UI.
  • Created various tools, including data-import and productivity tools.
  • Created the overlay effect for the live-feed (two-color gradient overlay).
  • Debugging / Testing - Finding and fixing issues that prevent shipping.

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