For the 7th semester we had to do a practical project offered by an actual employer, with some friends I took on the challenge of making a game that incites players to move while playing. Our team chose to base a game around flying with wings.

Breaking open an old XBox controller we used strings and bands to create our own "wing" controller. Using the analogue triggers you could flap your wings by simply moving your arms up and down, turning was done by holding one arm still and flapping with the other one. Overall the concept worked very well, even if applicability was limited.

The game is based on the Ogre 3D engine using pieces of code from the Clash of Steel project for the base game. Using our specialized controller you could fly accross a heightmap.

Elements worked on

  • Adepting an existing engine + game solution to use our "controller".
  • Get working collision between the ground and our player.

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