After completing Fairytale Fights I worked on a possible spinoff gameplay prototype. With a small team we made a prototyping framework for the Unreal Engine 3, and on top of that a third person platforming / action gameplay prototype.

This prototype started by setting up basic third person platforming and fighting controls. A combo system was integrated, which was later left mostly unused due to a business decision. After melee combat we went on to ranged combat, including various targeting prototypes in order to get a good working / feeling ranged combat. Various game types have been tested/tweaked: Platform races, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Bombing Run, Cannibal's Crossing, Tower Battles, Single Player.

Elements worked on

  • Gameplay / Game Types Prototyping Framework (design + implementation)
  • Basic 3rd Person Camera
  • Platforming/movement controls and physics (based on unreal walking/jumping physics)
  • Melee combo system
  • Ranged weapon controls (based on unreal weapon system)
  • Weapon targeting
  • Game rules
  • In-Game objects

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