Club Galactik is a flash-based MMO and virtual world for the Galactik Football cartoon and IP. It uses an in-house engine, which is not commercially available. In this MMO you make your own football hero, you can compete in matches, or play one of the other minigames.

This game has already been in production for a while, and is available for play for free. There is an item shop that accepts both the in-game crystal currency and the bought coins, and the possibility to purchase a membership to allow for more play. I have worked mainly on UI and gameplay related tasks for the main game.

Elements worked on

  • Various parts of the redesign for the HUD/UI code.
  • Various fixes in UI and gameplay code.
  • Skinning new UI elements.
  • New UI and gameplay elements for the main game (not released yet).
  • Writing and judging technical designs.
  • Quest system (design + implentation, never released)

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