The League was a raiding alliance in EverQuest 2 doing high-end content with people unable to do so in their current guilds. This alliance disolved when raids could no longer be filled and due to restrictions the leadership was not able to recruit more people. Content that we have done includes most of Kingdom of Sky and some of Echoes of Faydwer.

I joined the raiding alliance when it formed out of two split alliances. Over time I applies as raid leader, and lead a number of raids. Eventually I was drafted to be part of the council, the ruling body of the alliance, where I helped with site work as well making decisions for the overall alliance.

Near the end a faction headed out to Vanguard, at which time the council was split between games with an overall leading council. I was in the EverQuest 2 and the overall council.

Elements worked on

  • Raid-leadership - up to 24 men raids, doing tactics, timing & loot management.
  • Council member - decide (with a team) on the rules of the organization and enforcing them.
  • Site maintanance - Made changes to the site / database when desired.
  • Alliance-specific site add-ons - Created a series of specific add-ons that interact with eachother: Loot-management (CIP) / Calendar (sign-ups) / Character management.

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