All Points Bulletin is a third-person tactical shooter set in San Paro, where crime has taken over the city. Pitting criminals against enforcers in objective-based gameplay. It's customisation system is one of the game's foremost features, allowing players a big varriety of styles.

This game is free to play, and is continuously maintained. It has a web-based store-front where you can buy various in-game items, as well as a subscription to increase the speed of your progression. On this title I have worked on a lot of different systems throughout my tenure at Reloaded Productions. Adding new systems and redesigning old ones where needed. Some of the biggest projects include an overhaul for the ui system, mission system and vfx systems.

Elements worked on

  • Various fixes throughout the code-base.
  • Added new GM commands to help our support team and our volunteer testers.
  • Refactored parts of the UI to use the Scaleform UI engine.
  • Added consumables and deployable items to the game.
  • Added a mission system for seasonal events and gameplay prototyping.
  • Added a system to allow the designers to override the player's customisation for seasonal events.
  • Added a system to allow the designers to override the player's weapon loadout for seasonal events.
  • Added a system to allow weapons to be dropped by players when they die, and from certain deployable items.
  • Added preventative measures to deny players access to the inside of buildings or too high up.
  • Created a technical design for a system to make the weapons feel more visceral.
  • Refactored the game login sequence.
  • Refactored the client-side object-vfx system.
  • Did various things to make it harder to cheat in the game using 3rd party tools.
  • Added AlienFX integration.
  • Created tools to help figure out latency problems.
  • Created debugging tools to read dump files of certain encrypted executables.
  • Various things on upgrading the engine

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